JustMusique has always been intrigued by all sorts of entertainment. But there was something about music that captivated him the most. He started producing beats in 2001 with the intention to bring a mix of original rhythms and poetry which captured his many moods and thoughts. Slowly, he gained ground on his own style. Now, he is no longer finding his style but perfecting it. He does not identify with any one genre. His mood dictates the style of track he produces, which is typically a fusion of many influences. Music is no longer a cut and dry art. Creativity and innovation is needed to gain the listener's attention and he intends to deliver. Each track is very personal and he will not release it until he feels every intention has been met. Over the years he has grown as a producer and sound engineer. He believes there is absolutely no limit to what he can do as long as he stays true to pushing himself and deliver his own flavor on each beat.

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I approach making music like most visual artist. I have the song completely done in my mind before I touch my canvas.


Music is a form of undeniable expression. Lately everyone has the same expression about the same things. The creativity has been replaced by fad and so the ARTISTRY is being killed. JUSTMUSIQUE is positioned to change that for the listener who wants more.


Samples are not allowed. Originality is the key to bringing a breath of fresh air.

To stand-out from the crowd of similarities, an artist must create differently.


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"The Universe birthed me the talent and I developed the skills"